"Top-Ten Report" Status on Dash Board

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"Top-Ten Report" Status on Dash Board

Postby alihyder » Wed May 18, 2011 10:49 pm

Dear Sir,

I posted several mails by mentioned my requirements. My new requirement is, Keep “Top Ten Report Status” options on the Dash Board of eScan Corporate Edition version-11, for example :

1) Top Ten Virus attackers Name
2) Top Ten Infected Computers Name with IP
3) Top Ten Web site Access Computers Name & IP
4) Top Ten Web Site Browsers Name
5) Top Ten Web Site Name by Computer / IP
7) Top Ten URL Name browse by Users
8) Top Ten Spam Sender and Receiver by Computer Name & IP
9) And so on,,,,,,, Every options which are scanned by eScan software.

i think you sir understand very well all the above features which is my requirements. its very needful for us. It will be also very useful for taking action as per report.

[ previous mail ]

You sir told me, have search options by IP. I found this options before sending my mail. I can not view any kind of report by searching IP which you are mentioned from. I can not apply any kind of policy to computer which are searching by IP or IP-Range.

you are requested to add the given below features in corporate edition version-11 :

1) eScan Backup Options: For keeping backup existing configuration, like: " Managed Groups" with applied Policy. Because, If physically eScan Live Production Server become Crash or doing Malfunction then it will be very much help-full for us, because all options of eScan will be remain same after restore the eScan Backup File to the new installation OS.

2) Shortcut create of " Quick Scan your system " to the desktop when installing eScan Client.

3) Make easy to view "Group Basis Report ". Keep a options to view any reports by single click on the group for any reports. or keep properties tool for selecting report options on the Managed Group.

4) User Accounts Facilities:
a=> "admin user" ( already exists ).
b=> "read only user" can view only which policies are running, this user can not change anything, can not applie any policy.
c => "report view user" : this user can view only reports. admin can define and assign which reports this user can be viewed ? admin can be customized for this user.

5) In the Dash Board need Search Options through IP Basis. It can be single IP or Range of IP for viewing any reports, can manage any machine by Searching IP. that means Search Options is required by IP Basis with multiple function.

Engr. Md. Alihyder Bhuiyan
Network & Security Administrator
Mercantile Bank Limited
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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