MWAV[11.0.55 DB], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

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MWAV[11.0.55 DB], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

Postby Varghese » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:52 pm

Hello All,

MWAV[11.0.55 DB], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

Release Notes :

1) eScan Remote Support feature added with the latest hotfix. This is applicable for all Microworld Products.
2) MWAV and MWAVLk when executed with /self as a parameter will enable update button in MWAV irrespective of the build

3) Latest mwtsp.dll and mwnsp.dll added to correct issues with websites,,, yahoo messenger

etc. Browser crashing on random sites also corrected.
4) Escan Protection Center not opening on Windows 7 - Corrected.
5) MWAV when used with /kill as a parameter will only kill and zip suspicious files to No renaming will be

6) RDP sessions disconnecting randomly with eScan firewall corrected.
7) Minor bugs in eScanpro.exe corrected.
8 ) Virus definations does not get updated in Mailscan with esupdatebd.exe - Corrected.
9) License.exe changed to accomodate only fixed number of characters.
10) Changes made in MWAV to restore more Windows defaults.
11) SMTP authentication in added to EMC.
12) Link to knowledge base added to "About" Screen.
13) Junk Characters in - corrected with latest contfilt.dll
14) Virus Test file eicar.txt not being caught - corrected.
15) MWAV schedule does not used to scan root folder even if scheduled to do so - Corrected.
16) Facility to block USB drives completely added to GUI.
17) Backup failing on Windows 2003 Server SP2 with eScan - Corrected.
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