MWAV[11.0.37DB], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

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MWAV[11.0.37DB], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

Postby Varghese » Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:23 am

Hello All,

MWAV[11.0.37DB], Espatch/Esupdate[] has been uploaded

Changes in MWAV [11.0.37DB] :

1) Service Rights Problem in registry while removing certain variants of kido Worm has been corrected.
2) "File to be deleted on reboot" Scan action was wrongly thrown on certain files on scanning with mwav/ODS. This has been corrected.

Changes in Espatch/Esupdate [] are :

1) More changes related to system slow down/hanging added. (Changes corresponds to v.10)
2) Local IP lists updated in firewall in machines with multiple adapters.
3) ODS hanging while scanning long paths in filenames/folders solved.
4) Espatch will include updated econceal.exe henceforth.
5) Provision to download critical Microsoft patches added to eScan Protection Center under Tools Section.
6) Viewing of Web Page Scanning Reports will be disabled in clients if accessed in Read Only Mode.

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